Autism Screener

Brief Developmental Difficulty Screener:

This screening tool is not meant to be used as a diagnostic indicator, rather it is to help individuals and parents recognize signs of autism and when further assessment may be warranted.

Does your child engage in repetitive or stereotyped behaviors beyond what you consider to be normal?

Does your child fixate or show unusual interest in objects, sensory stimuli, or toys?

Does your child struggle to pick up on the cues, gestures, play, or language of other children?

Does your child show minimal or very occasional interest in making friends and paying attention to others?

Does your child have difficulty monitoring the understanding, feelings, or intents of others?

Does your child have difficulty understanding slang, expressions, or humor?

Does your child have heightened emotional reactions seem resistant to soothing or compassion?

Does your child respond negatively (beyond what you consider to be normal) to routine changes, turn taking, or directives?

Does your child typically communicate very concreate and precise meanings?

Does your child display exceptional knowledge on certain topics of interest?

Does your child repeat words, phrases, or babble out of context?

Does your child struggle to use words or normal speech volume appropriately?