Taking Autism Services
to New Heights

Compassionate Care

Sandstone takes pride in providing intensive therapy with the collaboration of parents. We don’t want to provide a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. Instead, we seek to strike a balance between intensive services and allowing time for family and extra curricular activities.

Sandstone’s Approach

The mission of Sandstone Autism Services is to enhance the quality of life for persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and to ensure access to services for individuals across their lifespan. We do this by providing evidence-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services, through establishing a wide array of innovative and effective clinical services, and by empowering individuals and families through connection, resources, and advocacy in the community. We are passionate about, supporting, and serving communities that are challenged by a lack of available resources, or stigma.

Early Development

⦁ Joint Attention
⦁ Increasing Communication
⦁ Reduce Challenging Behaviors
⦁ Social Skills
⦁ Receptive Skills
⦁ Potty Training


⦁ Independent Skills
⦁ Improve Social Skills
⦁ Daily Living Skills
⦁ Frustration Tolerance
⦁ Reducing Challenging Behaviors


⦁ Interpersonal Communication
⦁ Social Support Groups
⦁ Transitioning to Independence
⦁ Coping Skills
⦁ Daily Living Skills

Step 1
Reach Out

Call or email us for a free consultation or to get answers to any to your questions.

Step 2
Intake paperwork

Filling out the intake paperwork will help you know what your insurance will cover.

Step 3

We will perform a comprehensive assessment to build a customized treatment package.

Step 4
Start Services

Once we get the
approval from the
we start services!

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